I'm a part time variety streamer on mixer.com working on building a friendly community based around the games we all enjoy playing. Here you'll find my schedule, rules, bot commands, and other random bit of information.

As of late I've been playing a bit of Minecraft and Terraria with a few Retro and Indie games thrown in the mix.


Normal Schedule.

  • Everyday except Wednesday 12pm to 4pm CST
  • Friday and Saturday optional bonus streams 7pm to 9pm CST


There are also random additional streams throughout the week. Keep an eye on my discord announcement channel for more information.

Mixer Chat Rules

Chat rules are pretty straight forward.

  • ​Be Respectful
  • No advertising/self promoting without permission.
  • Don't spam chat or type in all caps.
  • No large blocks of ascii art or blocks of emojis.
  • NO politics or religion!
  • English only, don't know if a message breaks the rules if I don't understand it.
  • Do not talk about or mention anyone's age/personal details.
  • When there is a sound board, do not spam all the buttons at once, you will be timed out.

While I'm streaming I don't read xbox live messages, If you want to talk to me please do it on mixer.

If its a multiplayer game I do play with followers, but I don't use voice or game chat with people I don't know. As I can't control what others say, I can't guarantee they will follow mixer's or my rules.


If you enjoy my streams and want to help out so I can continue to make entertain streams by failing at games. You can send me one time donations at https://streamlabs.com/ElitOnTheRocks. If I'm live your donation will show up on screen and I will read off the donation message as long as its suitable for my rating. If you'd rather I not read the donation message please start it with "Do Not Read". 


You can also help support the stream by using the creator ID ELITONTHEROCKS on the epic games store.

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